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WORKDAYS application is intended for people whose work schedule does not depend on weekdays. Work schedules can have any complexity. You are allowed to place different kinds of workshifts and days off the way you want within the maximum work cycle length of 2 weeks. Any work pattern can be entered and used.

An example - "2 work days + 2 days off + 2 work days + 2 days off + 2 night shifts + 2 days off". Then it's repeating itself over and over again.

Workdays app calculates and draws your work schedule for any number of months ahead (or behind). So that you will see right away are you busy or not.

For example, your friends invited you to barbecue on Sunday in 3 weeks. You open the Workdays app and see this particular Sunday is your work day, so you won't go with them.

To scroll the calendar: swipe up and down, or tap the left / right arrows, or touch previous and next month.

Tap the date in the header to jump to a particular month and year.

Tap TODAY button to jump to the current month.

Workdays app has a convenient work schedule constructor. First, you need to enter your work cycle length (in days) and set the first day in it. Then you tap on the days to set their types - Work Day, Work Night or Day Off. Press the CHANGE button, then WORK CYCLE button.

Day shifts, night shifts and days off have different colours, which you can change as you like. Tap CHANGE button, then CUSTOM COLOURS button. You observe all the changes instantly! In addition, there are already prepared and well-tuned Colour Schemes, which you can enable with one touch. Tap CHANGE button, then COLOUR SCHEMES .

The program automatically sets reminders and alarms to wake you up before the work shifts. You can change their times and sound by tapping CHANGE and REMINDERS buttons. Reminders are placed for 16 upcoming work shifts each time you open/wake the app or change its preferences.

Try 3D mode. All days in your calendar would get a 3D effect. You can enable it by going to CHANGE and MISCELLANEOUS.

Tap on any day to see events for this day. You can create, edit and delete them.

Long-tap on a day to get the menu where you can change the day type manually. It is useful when some days stand out of your work schedule (leaves, overtimes, medicalsa and vacations).

All the settings have detailed content-dependent Help system, which can be opened by tapping the i button at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on the REVIEW to go to AppStore and write your opinion about the program. This will help to make it better.

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